I served as the Computational Design Lead in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry starting in 2014. I started my career, with a MS degree in Architecture and Engineering from the University of Padua, working with Building Information Molding workflow on large projects. My passion about Artificial Intelligence and Computation Design took me to China, Netherlands and United States. I love computational design and statistics especially deep learning. These passions inspired me to found several international non-profits such as CDI. When I arrived in the Silicon Valley I received the title of multi-awarded "hacker" and speaker in several international conferences and universities by my friends since I won every hackathon I partecipated in and I was accepted by every conference. Furthermore, you will probably known me for the first augmented reality wedding proposal and XR marriage. We are now helping several international Pediatric Palliative Hospice in adopting immersive reality for pediatric healthcare and education with Dreamship. I was lucky enough to receive twice the O1 Visa recognition for my "extraordinary ability" in combining AI in the Design Process.